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What does “CoolOps” mean? As with my previous blog, CoolData, it’s simply a short handle that’s easy to remember. Another name could have been “Advancing Operations,” as I will be writing about the evolution of the services-related teams and their role in advancing our missions.

This is not a platform for my expertise. If anything, it will reveal my ignorance. My goal for the blog is to exchange ideas with like-minded people in the field and to promote our work as integrally connected with the advancement of our missions, whether that is educating students, pushing back the frontiers of new knowledge, or changing society.

I encourage you to use the comments section to agree, disagree, discuss, and share your own thoughts.

Kevin MacDonell

I am the keeper of CoolOps.blog. By day, I am Executive Director, Advancement Operations at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.