Score! Data-Driven Success for Your Advancement Team“, a book on data mining and analytics for higher education advancement by Peter B. Wylie and Kevin MacDonell, is available for order online, in both print and e-book versions. “Score!” is published by CASE, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.To order your copy, click here to enter the CASE book store. Peter Wylie is a consultant with Margolis-Wylie Associates, based in Washington DC, and author of the groundbreaking 2004 book, “Data Mining for Fundraisers.” Kevin MacDonell maintained the CoolData blog from 2009 to 2018, followed in 2019 by (NOTE: The author earnings from sales of “Score!” are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.)

“Cool Data: A how-to guide for predictive modeling for higher education advancement and nonprofits using multiple linear regression in Data Desk” is a 190-page “cookbook,” a guide for folks who aren’t looking for deep understanding of stats, regression, or even predictive modelling, but just enough knowledge — a recipe, really — to mine the value in their organizations’ databases. It’s a free download from